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Art For Your Sole: Walter Steiger heels

10 Apr

Fashion for me equals creativity, art, self expression. The things that really catch my eye are the unusual, the different, the stand out pieces. It goes to show the mind of the designer or wearer, taste and a great eye is like pregnancy, can’t be hidden. It always peeks out, in the tiny little detail, in the choice of colour, in the decision to have a curved heel versus straight like everyone else.

Walter Steiger’s signature is the curved sole and stunning is what it is. The shoes are sold at flagship stores around the world.

walter_steiger 1

walter_steiger 2

walter_steiger 3

walter_steiger 4

walter_steiger 5

walter_steiger 6


Check out the website www.waltersteiger.com

Absolutely Fashionably Sensible…Shoedazzle

20 Feb

This is probably one of online fashion’s best kept secrets. I say best kept secret because I simply don’t get that much buzz about shoedazzle. The quality of the shoes could definitely do with a lift, the heels tend to fall off but that can be fixed. I can’t help but drool at the gorgeous designs pouring out of this site, the styles are absolutely stunning and the pricing?? every single style at $39.95 (roughly N6,000). This is for not just shoes but bags and accessories.

Shoedazzle for sure defines super chic fashion for less. It’s so great that there are many options online for getting your look good gear.

This service is members only and it entitles you to a showroom with new items suited to your style monthly. Right now, it’s limited to the US, they had a UK site but it shut down a few weeks ago, apparently to enable them focus on the US market. There are always ways around shopping in the US if you don’t actually live in the US, either via friends or via personal shopping services. Either way, go check out the site, even if it’s for computer window shopping only. In the meantime, check out some of my best picks

shoedazzle shoes

















shoedazzle shoes_19

Photos via Shoedazzle.com

Cruise 2012 Shoe Collection: Christian Louboutin

8 Dec

As a confirmed high heels enthusiast, you would understand why I consider Mr Louboutin a genius when it comes to shoe making. I don’t agree with the man half the time, I mean, I didn’t say he was a shoe deity – much as he loves to think – specific ref. to the  YSL lawsuit. But hey, we agree on stunning foot candy, he just knows how to craft those heels.

The way they arch in perfection, the way he pushes the boundary of how high is high, bordering between classic simplicity and bejewelled beauty. With this collection, he takes mexican beading, metallic brights, jewels, studs and adds them to the mix. I’m particularly taken by the embroidered turquoise satin pumps, stunning.

christianlouboutin_cruise 2012_1

christianlouboutin_cruise 2012_2

christianlouboutin_cruise 2012_3

christianlouboutin_cruise 2012_4

Christianlouboutin_cruise 2012_5

Christianlouboutin_cruise 2012_6

Christianlouboutin_cruise 2012_7


Photo credits: Ftape.com

Nothing beats the perfect shoe silhouette

9 Jun

I can’t believe i haven’t blogged in so many weeks! So so heartbreaking! But hey, it’s one day at a time i guess, never too late to jump right back in. I plan to express my fashionable side as much as possible from now on. Scouts honour!

So, my eyes dropped to the silhouette of my shoes today and i couldn’t help the fuzzy feeling. I love that beautiful arch at the sole of a shoe, especially when it curves into a slim and generously high heel. We’ll be going for a 5 to 6 inch heel there *wink wink*

It’s even more exquisite when it has an unusual shape, I love love love YSL shoes for that, Miu Miu has some stunning shapes as well. We all kinda agree that Christian Louboutin has nailed heel perfection to an art, so we’ll always pay homage to the maestro.

Wella! I decided to go-a-drooling and picked out some goose bumps worthy heels from these amazing shoe artists. Drool with me please, lol.

Rupert Sanderson Troy Patent Court Shoe_£385

Rupert Sanderson Troy Patent Court Shoe £385

Alexander McQueen Lizard Platform Pumps_£1,035

Alexander McQueen Lizard Platform Pumps £1,035

Christian Louboutin 'Mago' Suede and Leather Platform Court Shoes_£395

Christian Louboutin 'Mago' Suede and Leather Platform Court Shoes £395

Camilla Skovgaard_Metallic textured leather platform sandals_£325

Camilla Skovgaard Metallic textured leather platform sandals £325

Lanvin_Swarovski crystal-embellished leather sandals_£1010

Lanvin Swarovski crystal-embellished leather sandals £1010

Miu Miu Suede peep toe pumps_£355

Miu Miu Suede peep toe pumps £355

Christian Louboutin 'Mago' Suede and Leather Platform Court Shoes_£395

Christian Louboutin 'Mago' Suede and Leather Platform Court Shoes £395

Yves Saint Laurent_Tribtoo metallic leather pumps_£565

Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo metallic leather pumps £565

Camilla Skovgaard_studded leather platform sandals_£335

Camilla Skovgaard studded leather platform sandals £335

Nicholas Kirkwood Roase Printed Satin Platform Court Shoes £475

Nicholas Kirkwood Rose Printed Satin Platform Court Shoes £475

Miu Miu Bow-embellished patent-leather pumps_£400

Miu Miu Bow-embellished patent-leather pumps £400

You can find them on Net-a-porter and Browns.

See ya soon with more chic finds ;-)

Dream YSL Pumps: The look for less?

31 Mar

It’s no news that I’ve had a long standing crush on YSL pumps, especially the Cobalt blue suede. At over £400 a pop, it’s understandable why i haven’t stocked up on all the beautiful colours of this beloved shoe.

Yves Saint Laurent_Palais suede peep-toe pumps_500 gbp

Yves Saint Laurent Palais suede peep-toe pumps £500

Yves Saint Laurent Pumps in Cognac Nappa Leather

So I stumbled upon these shoes on Asos.com  yesterday. And wow, they present a very convincing alternative to my dream shoes.  At a fraction of the cost, i just might be stocking up on these while I get rich enough to buy my YSLs…and it even comes in Cobalt Blue. Hmmmm….

ASOS PUMP IT UP Suede Platform Court Shoe_Green_£55

ASOS PUMP IT UP Suede Platform Court Shoe £55

ASOS POLLY Leather Court Shoe_£65

ASOS POLLY Leather Court Shoe £65

ASOS PUMP IT UP Suede Platform Court Shoe_£55

ASOS PUMP IT UP Suede Platform Court Shoe £55

River Island Unicorn Platform Court Shoes_£65

River Island Unicorn Platform Court Shoes £65

Kurt Geiger Spring 2011 Collection: Delicious foot candy

26 Jan

Kurt Geiger leads the high street shoe retailer pack for some of the prettiest shoe collections packed in one store. It’s an endless sea of stunning shoe art.

For Spring, they’ve had no issues translating the key trends into drool worthy foot wear. Lots of electric colour, 70s style clogs and platforms, some stunning prints, leopard, polka dots.

Kurt Geiger is a MUST visit in the following months.


Carvela Gallant Leopard £130


Carvela Azalia Orange £130


Carvela Gallant Nude £130


Carvela Gin Pink £120


Carvela Girl Orange £110


Kurt Geiger Garson Turquoise-Gold


Kurt Geiger Cairo Green £195


Kurt Geiger Brooke Navy-Polka £195


Kurt Geiger Erika Turquoise £160


Kurt Geiger Higgins Tan-Turquoise £395


Kurt Geiger Hoc Camel-Turquoise £280


Kurt Geiger Gen Purple £180


Carvela Annie Rust £140


Kurt Geiger Galenka Purple-Green £180


Carvela Abba Brown £95


Carvela Alan Tan £120


Kurt Geiger Athens Green


Carvela Lotus Pink £110


Carvela Gallant Sandal


Carvela Krazy Red £75

Pictures via Instyle.co.uk

OMGosh! The Kurt Geiger Sale

17 Jan

My sister just mentioned the Kurt Geiger sale to me and I decided to check it out. Just when I thought the sales craze was over, look what I found. It is simply R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.

The most gorgeous shoes at unbelievable prices. Bad for a girl’s purse.

Broadway_Was £290 now £89

Broadway Was £290 now £89

Attack_Was £130 now £39

Attack Was £130 now £39

Arrogant_£130 now £49

Arrogant £130 now £49

Alba_Was £90 now £35

Alba Was £90 now £35

Avalon_Was £85 now £35

Avalon Was £85 now £35

Evita_Was £160 now £49

Evita Was £160 now £49

Dancer_Was £100 now £49

Dancer Was £100 now £49

Gillian_Was £95 now £35

Gillian Was £95 now £35

If you please, get to Kurt Geiger.com like ASAP!

Still loving Louboutin

14 Jan

Christian Louboutin attained cliché status and while he’s still got his loyal fan base, he’s not quite as ‘hot right now’ as he was many months ago, but he’s still got shoe game. He has the art of the high heel wrapped around his pinky finger and totally love him for that.

Well, anyone who created these fabulous shoes is worthy of being loved.

Christian Louboutin_Futura nappa leather peep-toe boots_$1095

Christian Louboutin_Futura nappa leather peep-toe boots $1095



Christian Louboutin Panier 120 Wedge Sandals $545


Christian Louboutin 3

Christian Louboutin S/S 2011 collection


Christian Louboutin 2

Christian Louboutin S/S 2011 collection


You can find the first two pairs on Net-a-porter.




Wedge-a-holic: Jeffrey Campbell wedges take the cake

21 Dec

It is such a beautiful thing to find a designer who makes what you love exceptionally well, leaving you with limitless options of beautiful pieces to choose from.

In this case, it’s Jeffrey Campbell wedges. And these wedges? Speak for themselves. They are the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G shoes at unbelievable prices. I am literally drooling over them.

They come in your classic sandal wedges, shoe boots and thigh highs, in a decadently eclectic range of colours and styles. There’s edgy, classy, girly, futuristic, something for every style. Sooooo worth collecting.

All available at Solestruck.com and with free international shipping when you spend over $199.

Do feast.


XXL $214.95


Two Timer $164.95


Pixie $179.95


One-O-One $134.95


Brisbane $189.95


Warner $179.95


Pixie Tie High $154.95


Jesmeen $199.95


Dipper $129.95


Mary Fur $164.95


Mary-Roks $124.95


Ninja $129.95


Take 2 $119.95


Polly $124.95


Smudge Taupe-Croco $154.95

Playing dress up Friday

11 Dec

So I found this beautiful black lace number.

Alexon Black Lace Scallop Dress_£70

Alexon Black Lace Scallop Dress £70

Absolutely stunning, ladylike chic, just how I love it. And I got thinking about  how I’d wear it to say, an evening event.

The Lace LBD

My best of Nicholas Kirkwood’s Spring 2011 Shoe Collection

1 Dec

The beauty of Nicholas Kirkwood is in the avant-garde structure of his shoes. He’s one of those shoe designers who simply redefined classic shoe shapes and created futuristic, edgy cuts and styles.

Spring 2011 is even more edgy, artistic structure with lots of colour, patterns and lush textures. He still features the iconic pumps with pearl detail – in vibrant hues – and those sleek brogues. I love what he’s done with classic pumps, he’s added some form of interest, so it’s either two-tone or featuring a lace panel or the genius pearl detail.

So, I picked out my favourites of the collection. The first ruffle detail sandal is my best.

Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_1Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_2Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_3Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_5Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_4Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_6Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_7Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_8Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_9Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_10Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_11Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_12Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_13Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_15Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_14

Pictures via Style.com

Lace up Friday: Foot candy from Asos

26 Nov

I’ve been thinking about lace up shoe boots lately. They give that extra edge to an outfit, i especially love it when they are worn with dresses, floral print dresses to be precise.

So this is my Sumptuous Friday lace up boots feast. All these fabulous shoes can be found on the Asos site.


ASOS PURIFY Lace Detail Lace Up Shoes £45

ASOS PURIFY Lace Detail Lace Up Shoes £45

ASOS TIAMARIE Platform Lace Up Shoe Boots £80

ASOS TIAMARIE Platform Lace Up Shoe Boots £80

Dolce Vita Harrison Platform Lace Up Heeled Shoes £150

Dolce Vita Harrison Platform Lace Up Heeled Shoes £150

ASOS PICASSO Block Heel Lace Up Town Shoe  £45

ASOS PICASSO Block Heel Lace Up Town Shoe £45

Nine West Lace Up Heeled Shoes  £90

Nine West Lace Up Heeled Shoes £90

ASOS ATTACK Leather Lace Up Platform Boots  £108

ASOS ATTACK Leather Lace Up Platform Boots £108



Style Item: The High Heeled Brogues

14 Nov

Brogues have been back as a favourite style staple for ages and I’ve literally despised them all through. Simply because I wasn’t going to wear the flat ‘androgynous’ things. But then, I couldn’t deny that they looked very stylish. You could wear brogues with a number of outfits and they’d all look super stylish. Jeans, tee and brogues, check; floral dress, blazer and brogues, check; jumpsuit, cropped jacket and brogues, check.

Now shoes that versatile deserve to be in the fashion closet. So I’m ‘very late in the day’ jumping on the brogues bandwagon but heeeey, I still won’t do the flats. For the heel lovers like me, there are tons of options.

Office has got this style in 8 different colours.

Heeled Brogues_office 2

Office £68

Heeled Brogues_office

Office £68

Then there are several heel lengths and colours and shapes, even wedges if you please.

Heeled Brogues_Dune

Dune £80

Heeled Brogues_Dune

Dune £48

Heeled Brogues_River island

River island

Heeled Brogues_Soyoushoes

Soyoushoes.co.uk £22

Wedge Brogues

Wedge Brogues

Style Item: My Shoe of the moment

9 Nov

I’ve been ‘in the market’ for the perfect shoe boots and these ones from Dune really grabbed my attention. They’re available in black and red, and there’s an enticing 50% off the red colour. If you like too, check them out on the Dune site.

Dune Sasa

Dune Sasa £45

Dune Sasa_Black

Dune Sasa in Black £90

The essential element of a lady

31 Oct

High heels.

They will work wonders for your personal style. Transforms you into sleek chic in nano seconds.

Ditch the flats and stock up on the heels galfriend.