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Absolutely Fashionably Sensible…Shoedazzle

20 Feb

This is probably one of online fashion’s best kept secrets. I say best kept secret because I simply don’t get that much buzz about shoedazzle. The quality of the shoes could definitely do with a lift, the heels tend to fall off but that can be fixed. I can’t help but drool at the gorgeous designs pouring out of this site, the styles are absolutely stunning and the pricing?? every single style at $39.95 (roughly N6,000). This is for not just shoes but bags and accessories.

Shoedazzle for sure defines super chic fashion for less. It’s so great that there are many options online for getting your look good gear.

This service is members only and it entitles you to a showroom with new items suited to your style monthly. Right now, it’s limited to the US, they had a UK site but it shut down a few weeks ago, apparently to enable them focus on the US market. There are always ways around shopping in the US if you don’t actually live in the US, either via friends or via personal shopping services. Either way, go check out the site, even if it’s for computer window shopping only. In the meantime, check out some of my best picks

shoedazzle shoes

















shoedazzle shoes_19

Photos via Shoedazzle.com

These are a few of my favourite shopping spots…

2 Dec

Both Online and Brick n Mortar, I love each of these stores for different reasons, some for clothes, some for shoes, some for accessories, some for a bit of everything. Let’s talk about the ones that stand out the most for me.

For the most unique, one of a kind, whimsical dresses and spunky tees/blouses, Anthropologie is the place to go. All set in a romantic, fairy tale/art gallery style store, complete with artsy design books doubling as props.

All Saints has a dark, brooding, mysterious feel to it but the clothes in there are a design wonder. Given how much I have a penchant for complex, draping, wrap round styles, and the colour black, my love for All Saints is justified. I’d put some bright lights in the store though.

Freedom by Topshop is arguably the best high street accessories brand, always avant garde, always on trend and frequently adding new lines. The massive Topshop store on Oxford circus has an accessories wonderland on the ground floor, boutique style with a range of brands to choose from. You’ll get almost all you need for accessories on that floor, not only from the Freedom line but from several other brands. I especially love the exquisite Orelia and ethnic-style Made collections.

For stores/malls I could totally live in, it has to be Forever 21, Selfridges and Bicester Village.

Forever 21 has the best basics, several styles of tees and an eclectic collection of clothing styles. Everything from sportswear to outerwear to party wear, all under one roof and at the best prices for remarkable quality.

Bicester is a quaint, chic village where you can get the best designer bargains in the best possible conditions, no clothes all over the floor, no long lines or crowds falling over themselves, just row after row of gorgeous designer discounts in posh white bungalows.

There are dozens of great online stores but no one does it like Net-a-porter for high end designer items. Asides from the having a vast collection of your favourite designers, they offer the very best styling/how to wear it tips I’ve ever seen on an online store. That’s more than enough reason to visit.

For shoes, it’s Office, Kurt Geiger and largely Asos, Aldo is also great for classic, work shoes, ballet flats and them some. And oh, i love Zara shoes, they’ve got the sleekest, polished high heels, perfect for the luxe ladylike look. Selfridges at Oxford Circus also has to take the cake for shoes, I mean they’ve got the biggest shoe gallery in the world. With 4,000 shoes of every brand imaginable on display at any given time, what more can a girl ask for?



An exquisite take on the Lace Dress plus more

15 Nov

Anthropologie is the best stop for the most beautiful, ladylike, whimsical dresses you can find. I was completely bowled over by this exquisite lace number. It stands out from the pack of black lace dresses lining the shops this season and it will remain a classic even when the trend phases out.

Spinning Lace Dress_Anthropologie

Spinning Lace Dress £228


And there are even more beautiful dresses from where that came from

Braque Bodice Dress_Anthropologie_£128

Braque Bodice Dress £128

Stylist's Eye Dress_Anthropologie

Stylist's Eye Dress £138

And this waistcoat? with its waterfall ruffles? It’s to die for. The name it was given couldn’t be more apt.

Falling in Love Waistcoat_Anthropologie

Falling in Love Waistcoat £98

Falling in Love Waistcoat_Anthropologie

You should drop by the site www.anthropologie.eu or check out the stores in London at W1B and SW3

Pearl Lowe for Peacocks Christmas 2010 collection

10 Nov

Pearl Lowe has done some exquisite vintage style dresses for Peacocks this year. The first to make waves among style lovers was the black polyester and lace frock in the A/W 10 collection. For a dress sold for £35 by budget retailer Peacocks, it grabbed a lot of attention and featured in places only designer dresses dare tread.

Daisy Lowe for Peacocks_Polyester and Lace tea dress

Following her success with A/W, she’s just unveiled a stunning Christmas collection in another collaboration with Peacocks. All in line with her signature vintage style, the inspiration this time was from the twenties, fifties and sixties (eras we love and smack on trend). The collection featured decadent lace, pleated and crochet knit dresses plus some faux fur, all under £60. They were charmingly modelled by her daughter Daisy Lowe and unveiled yesterday at the Connaught Hotel, Mayfair London.

Now, it only makes sense that Peacock’s customer service has been inundated with calls for pre-order, this collection is a complete vintage knock out.

Pearl Lowe for Peacock_Black Lace Prom Dress_£45

Black Lace Prom Dress £45

Pearl Lowe for Peacock_Cream Dress with Black Bows_£40

Cream Dress with Black Bows £40

Pearl Lowe for Peacock_Black button-through dress_£45

Black button-through dress £45

Pearl Lowe for Peacock_Salmon pleated dress_£50

Salmon pleated dress £50

Pearl Lowe for Peacock_Cream faux fur coat_£60

Cream faux fur coat £60

Pearl Lowe for Peacock_Crochet Knit Dress_£40

Crochet Knit Dress £40

The collection will be available in stores and online from November 14th. Check it out on www.peacocks.co.uk

Global Fashion Buzz: Lanvin for H&M

3 Nov

All fashion mediums – blogs, twitter, facebook, websites – went hullabaloo on Monday as the most anticipated collection of the year was FINALLY unveiled. There had been so many teasers, sneak peeks and mini videos whetting our appetite but it all came to a dramatic end with the lush unveil.

It was lots of fun, colour, florals, tulle, bows and ruffles; featuring chic party dresses, graphic tees, some outerwear and gorgeous accessories. It took elements from next season – tons of bold colour – and that gives the collection even more merit and wearability. It’s definitely worthy of all the attention it has received. Get ready to see them sell out come November 23rd.

Lanvin for H&M_2

One more thing was very true to the collection, the point Alber Elbaz made right off the bat, this is H&M going luxury, not Lanvin going high street. Very very spot on Mr Elbaz.

Lanvin for H&M_1Lanvin for H&M_3Lanvin for H&M_4Lanvin for H&M_5Lanvin for H&M_6Lanvin for H&M_7Lanvin for H&M_8Lanvin for H&M_9Lanvin for H&M_10Lanvin for H&M_11Lanvin for H&M_12Lanvin for H&M_13
Lanvin for H&M_15

See the full collection, complete with shoes and accessories on the H&M website.

The weekend shoe report a la Asos

16 Oct

With Asos now available in the US, beautiful and affordable fashion via our favourite online fashion store has begun its global reign!

Well, i was taking a look around today and check out what i found from the shoe collection!  And some of them are on sale!

Asos Akiera Leather Peep Toe Shoe Boots

Asos Akiera Leather Peep Toe Shoe Boots

Asos Hodge Colour Block Sandal

Asos Hodge Colour Block Sandal

Elizabeth and James More Heeled Shoe

Elizabeth and James More Heeled Shoe

Asos Alpha Suede Patchwork Boot

Asos Alpha Suede Patchwork Boot

Paul by Paul Smith Lea Lace Front Heeled Ankle Boots

Paul by Paul Smith Lea Lace Front Heeled Ankle Boots

Report Annona Cuffed Heeled Ankle Boot

Report Annona Cuffed Heeled Ankle Boot

Report Signature Caleb Strap Heeled Ankle Boots

Report Signature Caleb Strap Heeled Ankle Boots

Asos Black Boston Leather Laced Shoeboots

Asos Black Boston Leather Laced Shoeboots

Elizabeth and James Gasp Leather Heeled Shoe

Elizabeth and James Gasp Leather Heeled Shoe


All shoes available on asos.com

Chic item: Lulu Guinness Striped Bow Bag

8 Oct

This is the most gorgeous bag I’ve seen Lulu Guinness create. I mean I like the lip clutches and all but this is just adorable. Nothing says ladylike much better than this. The stripe small wanda bag is part of the A/W 2010 collection.


Lulu Guiness Stripe Small Wanda Bag

Lulu Guinness Stripe Small Wanda Bag


You can snap one up for £225 on luluguinness.com

And the historic shoe gallery buzz is on

29 Sep

Selfridges has made shoe history with the biggest shoe department in the world. Created by award-winning architect Jamie Fobert, the store has six galleries, 11 boutiques from the world’s most iconic shoe brands and one hanging garden. Tons and tons of brands from All Saints to Ann Demeulemeester, Birkenstock to Balmain, Converse to Chloe and fashion favourites Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Dior, Gucci and the list goes on. At any one time, the store will have 55,000 shoes in stock and 4,000 shoes on display from over 150 brands.

And to make the buzz even ‘buzzier’, Selfridges has introduced the Shoeperhero who ‘spends his days and nights fighting crimes against shoes – fixing cracked pavements, broken heels, and soothing blisters.’ Really cute!

Selfridges Shoe Gallery 'Shoeperhero'

You can find him online at selfridges.com or better still, meet him when you visit this shoe planet.

35,000 square feet full of Shoes? Yezzir!

17 Sep

Now this is one juicy bit of news worth taking a break from NYFW for. Selfridges launched the world’s biggest shoe hall yesterday night. Second floor of the uber stylish mall, home to 55,000 shoes, 150 brands and 11 designer boutiques, representing all the desirable designer names in shoes. Yeah, you guessed, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel plus high street brands, all spread out over 35,000 square feet…are you drooling yet? LOL! It opens to the public on 23rd September, can’t wait!

Love the hot pink chaise lounge

Who wouldn't wanna try on shoes here?