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Art For Your Sole: Walter Steiger heels

10 Apr

Fashion for me equals creativity, art, self expression. The things that really catch my eye are the unusual, the different, the stand out pieces. It goes to show the mind of the designer or wearer, taste and a great eye is like pregnancy, can’t be hidden. It always peeks out, in the tiny little detail, in the choice of colour, in the decision to have a curved heel versus straight like everyone else.

Walter Steiger’s signature is the curved sole and stunning is what it is. The shoes are sold at flagship stores around the world.

walter_steiger 1

walter_steiger 2

walter_steiger 3

walter_steiger 4

walter_steiger 5

walter_steiger 6


Check out the website www.waltersteiger.com

My best of Nicholas Kirkwood’s Spring 2011 Shoe Collection

1 Dec

The beauty of Nicholas Kirkwood is in the avant-garde structure of his shoes. He’s one of those shoe designers who simply redefined classic shoe shapes and created futuristic, edgy cuts and styles.

Spring 2011 is even more edgy, artistic structure with lots of colour, patterns and lush textures. He still features the iconic pumps with pearl detail – in vibrant hues – and those sleek brogues. I love what he’s done with classic pumps, he’s added some form of interest, so it’s either two-tone or featuring a lace panel or the genius pearl detail.

So, I picked out my favourites of the collection. The first ruffle detail sandal is my best.

Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_1Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_2Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_3Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_5Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_4Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_6Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_7Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_8Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_9Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_10Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_11Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_12Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_13Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_15Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_14

Pictures via Style.com

Dsquared’s ‘out-of-the-box’ skeleton heeled shoes

29 Oct

My phrase of the moment is ‘pushing the envelope’ and these guys at Dsquared are living, breathing and intensely personifying it. I mean, I’ve seen them do the strangest, most out of this world things. The most outrageous display in Spring 2011 fashion month came from them with the transmogrification of a white shirt into a massive wedding dress.

Now, these very interesting shoes from their exceedingly creative stable deserves a blog post. From the Fall/Winter 2010 collection and currently retailing on their site, it’s the vertiginous skeletal skyscraper extraordinaire. Now this is one amazing design feat and i have to hand it to these guys, they take fashion beyond design to pure art.

Don’t ask me if i’ll be wearing these shoes. What matters is i am in great admiration of them.

Dsquared2 shoes

Dsquared2 shoes Dsquared2 shoes

Dsquared2 shoes

Amazing editorials part 1: Tao Okamoto by Solve Sundsbo in Vogue China

11 Oct

I’ve come across some breathtaking editorials from the arsenal of Vogue magazine. The Vogue approach is reminiscent of high fashion art, with great creative concepts that leave you jaw dropped and gaping. It goes beyond styling clothes cum shooting with iconic photographer to creating an almost poetic display of style.

So, when the beautiful Japanese model Tao Okamoto was photographed by the brilliant Solve Sundsbo for Vogue China – the September 2010 issue – you can only imagine the outcome. It was beyond fashion, it was artistic and very captivating, there was something subtly futuristic and almost abstract about each picture. I could buy one of these printed in life-size and set up in my living room.

Tao Okamoto_Vogue China_September 2010 issue

This was classic oriental chic

Tao Okamoto_Vogue China_September 2010 issue Tao Okamoto_Vogue China_September 2010 issue Tao Okamoto_Vogue China_September 2010 issue Tao Okamoto_Vogue China_September 2010 issue Tao Okamoto_Vogue China_September 2010 issue Tao Okamoto_Vogue China_September 2010 issue Tao Okamoto_Vogue China_September 2010 issue

Pictures via fashiongonerogue.com