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Milan Fashion Week – Dolce & Gabbana SS ’13

24 Sep

The plan had been to follow the fashion week happenings in a chronological order, my review of London Fashion Week was next but I saw this Dolce & Gabbana collection and I could NOT wait.

It grabbed my attention and what I find so so mesmerizing is the detail, the vibrant colours, the accessories, the way it all just comes alive. The collection was inspired by Sicily, where Domenico Dolce is from. I find the collection so fascinating, I can’t help myself. The detail, Oh the detail. Never mind that this is almost to be expected by the design duo, they do florals and detail so well.

Notice the rafia fabric and vibrant colours, the graphic images sketched on dresses and tops and skirts, lol. I love this collection and I could wear some of the pieces. Notice the stripes in this collection too, major trend for S/S ’13 for sure.

The bags were stunning as well, and we’d have to come up with a name for the earrings – Über statement earrings. It made for such great viewing, all 86 pieces in the collection. The art and creativity of it all is what really gets me excited, never mind if some of the pieces are actually not wearable, fashion is art.

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_1

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_2

Dolce & Gabbana 3a

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_3

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_4

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_5

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_6

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_7

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_8

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_9

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_10

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_11

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_12

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_13

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_14

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_15

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_16

MFW_Dolce & Gabbana_17

Photo credits: styledotcom

MFW Blugirl Spring 2012

26 Sep

Milan Fashion Week definitely brought it. More than a handful of designers dropped a collection worth oohing and aahing for. You bet Paris Fashion Week will totally decimate it!

I was going to check out the A list designer collections when I ‘stumbled upon’ Blu girl and boy was I transfixed! This collection is simply stunning. Intensely feminine bordering on sweet but so sleek, so chic. Whimsical floral prints in floaty chiffon, stunning colour blocking, pretty pastels, pinks, yellows and greens. The blush in silky fabrics are so drool worthy. The combination of colours, patterns and fabrics worked to perfection. I mean, every piece in this collection hits my kind of style note. Perfect for Spring and interpreted in a style I consider refreshing.

It was a 46 piece collection and these are my favs. Look out for more of my favourite picks from more designers.




Photo Credits: Elle.com

It’s a wrap Milan, but just one last look

29 Sep

Milan Fashion Week has swirled to an end with great great fashion to remember, and check out in stores and on the fashion scene. Right about now, all roads, train tracks and air spaces lead to Paris for another week of gorgeous fashion. Can’t wait to see what Paris Fashion Week has waiting. To say goodbye to Milan, i took a look again at some of my favourite pieces from the collections I didn’t blog about.

There was a purity about all that white lace at Dolce & Gabbana, inspired by a bride’s hope chest when she’s packing off to her new life.

Dolce & Gabbana was inspired by a bride's trosseau

It was animal motif in all shapes, colours, styles and textures at Blumarine. Makes you look at animal print in a whole new way.

Blumarine worked some wonders with animal print

It was eclectic, candy coloured pieces and smiling models at Moschino cheap and chic. Someone had to get the fash pack to relax i guess. I like that it was fun, a  true reflection of the season. Touched on the bright colours trend too.

Like the retro silhouette of this dress

Tribal Tribal Tribal at Missoni.  Couple with LAMB at NYFW and we just might have a micro trend here.

Pics courtesy style.com

Milan Fashion Week: Sharp tailoring at Dsquared

28 Sep

This is one collection that is right up my alley. Preppy, sharply tailored jackets, geek chic, absolutely elegant. Viva Dsquared!

Pics courtesy style.com

Milan Fashion Week: Roberto Cavalli’s Exquisite Fringing

28 Sep

This SS 2011 marked Roberto Cavalli’s 40th year in business, so he rolled out the drums for a significant collection. It was fringe land, quite sultry, lots of cling and movement, snake skin, intricate beading. What stood out was the sheer craftsmanship that went into the collection. The sequins, beads and crystal detailing, all hand sewn. Another display of fashion as art. Will these would be worn in real life and who will wear them is a different discussion.

. Pics courtesy style.com

Milan Fashion Week: Jil Sander dresses up the Tee

28 Sep

Inspired by haute couture, Jil Sander displayed an elegant twist to wearing the basic t-shirt. Also in line with the ‘bright colours’ trend that has taken the runways for Spring/Summer 2011. Love it because its different, fresh and vibrant. It does come across as stylish and chic, a sure head turner. Lets see if this takes off as mainstream fashion.

Pics courtesy style.com

MFW: Emilio Pucci

27 Sep

Great collection by Emilio Pucci, touched two of the recurrent trends: Seventies, floaty chiffon. Love this edgy yet ultra feminine feel you get with leather on chiffon. This was my best look

Pic courtesy style.com

MFW: D&G Flower Power

26 Sep

This is quite belated given this show happened early in the week, but it’s pretty and sooooo floral, had to put it up. Dolce & Gabbana’s D&G line is targeted at their younger customers, so the collection this spring/summer was young and playful. They literally brought a garden to the runway, it was flowers, flowers, flowers every where. On the clothes and on the set.

The best part for me were the maxis that closed the show, full, floral and floaty, very gorgeous.

MFW: Prada’s ‘Minimal Baroque’

25 Sep

Well Prada, this is one collection that does NOT make me happy. It’s somewhere between this androgyny and a bunch of clothes that do not quite flatter the beautiful, gorgeous frame of a lady. Miuccia says the collection is ‘brave, bold and obvious’ but sadly, they remind me of some of the sad wardrobe choices i made as a youngster. Try as i may because it’s Prada, i just wouldn’t wear any of them. Monkey and banana prints? Errr…No sir! See some of the fashion culprits

Pics courtesy style.com

Milan Fashion Week: Moschino

25 Sep

I really liked the Moschino S/S 11 collection. Bold, strong, sharp and crisp, never mind that most of the pieces in the collection were quite over the top. It was sartorial precision at its ultimate. It was like power to the stylish woman! Strong cuts and silhouettes, polka dots gone crazy, western appeal, bright reds and blues, a cute lil LBD thrown in the mix. Stands out on its own in the middle of florals, sheers and maxis, not bad for fashion diversity in Milan. My favs

Love this LBD!

Pics courtesy style.com

Milan Fashion Week: Fendi

25 Sep

Vibrant colour, lantern sleeves, unusual cut at Fendi. And this was one collection were the accessories did far more than complement the clothes, they stood out in glorious technicolour. Made a Fendi bag even more desirable. Gorgeous Gorgeous collection, girls will be spoilt for choice next Spring/Summer. My faves

Love the sleeves

It’s a girly girl’s world in Milan: Alberta Ferretti

24 Sep

Milan Fashion Week is sooooooo choc full of fashion delights for the girly girl. The collections so far have given me goose bumps, WOW! From Gucci to Alberta Ferretti to Prada to D&G, it’s a girl’s world come Spring/Summer 2011.

The Alberta Ferretti collection is breathtaking, lots of floaty floral chiffon dresses and the gorgeous delicate lace. There was a feminine, relaxed, down to earth feel about the dresses, made you feel like slipping into each and every one of them. Here are my faves

Pics courtesy style.com

Milan Fashion Week: All Glam’d up Gucci

24 Sep

And the fash pack heads out to Milan!

Gucci gave an absolutely beautiful start to Milan fashion week by rolling out the most elegant collection. Totally up my alley, i am besotted with this collection. It was the glam factor, the lush fabrics and rich colour, the sheer sophistication, sleek hair and make up, heady air of elegance and the completeness of the collection. It was like the effortlessly stylish wardrobe of this uber glam city chic.

Almost impossible to settle for favourites. I LOVE the entire collection but well, for what its worth…here are my faves

Pics courtesy style.com