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Glam Editorial: January issue of Harper’s Bazaar China

23 Dec

Combining high fashion with the striking scenery of Seoul makes for mind blowing editorials.

Featuring Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan, this editorial was shot on location in Seoul and styled by Harper’s Bazaar China’s fashion editor Li Hui.

It brings words like elegant, graceful, resplendent, breath taking to mind. Once again, fashion is an art form.

harpers bazaar_gao_1harpers bazaar_gao_2harpers bazaar_gao_3harpers bazaar_gao_4harpers bazaar_gao_5harpers bazaar_gao_6harpers bazaar_gao_7harpers bazaar_gao_8harpers bazaar_gao_9harpers bazaar_gao_11

Pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue

Victoria Beckham Bag sells out in minutes

22 Dec

I’m the biggest fan of Victoria Beckham, style wise and fashion label wise. She recently launched the beautiful bag collection and two of the designs hit Net-a-porter today.

Apparently, this one here sold out in minutes.

Victoria Beckham_Leather and nubuck shoulder bag_£1700

Victoria Beckham Leather and nubuck shoulder bag £1700


Why am I not surprised? Viva VB!

Love-Want-Need: Michael Kors stretch-wool dress

22 Dec

The soft draping,  light taupe colour, cinched waist and asymmetric hem just makes this an instant TDF (to die for) piece. With a dress like this, Michael Kors is fast becoming a permanent favourite.

Michael Kors_Belted stretch-wool dress_£1055

Michael Kors Belted stretch-wool dress £1055

The fit is perfection. And as always, great styling by Net-a-porter, the coral Mulberry bag gives the look a pop of colour.

Michael Kors_Belted stretch-wool dress


I thought of one more way to style it, dialled up the glam a bit, with a python bag and Lanvin bracelet.

Michael Kors Dress


Whichever way it’s styled, it’s a stunning dress and it’s available on Net-a-porter

Style Snack: Statement Necklaces a la Cocosa

21 Dec

Chic designer outlet and flash sale sites are no longer a secret, they’re exclusive but they’re open to everyone. Pardon the oxymoron, lol.

Our darlings at The Outnet, Gilt Groupe, Cocosa and the many other fab sites give us unending bouts of excitement, with dozens of outrageous price slashes on designer ware every week.

These gorgeous Dannijo pieces via Cocosa caught my eye, they’re all the drama you need for your LBD, basic tee + blazer or to dress up a plain outfit. At almost 70% off, this is more than a bargain.

Accessories_1_Dannijo Lenon Necklace_£115

Dannijo Lenon Necklace £115

Accessories_2_Dannijo Cheyenna Necklace_£162

Dannijo Cheyenna Necklace £162

Accessories_3_Dannijo Lake Necklace_£155

Dannijo Lake Necklace £155

Wedge-a-holic: Jeffrey Campbell wedges take the cake

21 Dec

It is such a beautiful thing to find a designer who makes what you love exceptionally well, leaving you with limitless options of beautiful pieces to choose from.

In this case, it’s Jeffrey Campbell wedges. And these wedges? Speak for themselves. They are the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G shoes at unbelievable prices. I am literally drooling over them.

They come in your classic sandal wedges, shoe boots and thigh highs, in a decadently eclectic range of colours and styles. There’s edgy, classy, girly, futuristic, something for every style. Sooooo worth collecting.

All available at and with free international shipping when you spend over $199.

Do feast.


XXL $214.95


Two Timer $164.95


Pixie $179.95


One-O-One $134.95


Brisbane $189.95


Warner $179.95


Pixie Tie High $154.95


Jesmeen $199.95


Dipper $129.95


Mary Fur $164.95


Mary-Roks $124.95


Ninja $129.95


Take 2 $119.95


Polly $124.95


Smudge Taupe-Croco $154.95

Carine Roitfeld: Rounding off a decade of Style

17 Dec

Carine Roitfeld is one of the leading ladies on my style icon wall of fame. Love her bold, eclectic and sometimes eccentric style; she can pull off a Tee and denim skirt and still look as fabulous as when she’s under a massive fur coat.

My biggest attraction is that very down-to-earth, vivacious personality; the polar opposite of Anna Wintour. She’s giggling, laughing, hugging, kissing people at fashion week. She’s a dedicated family woman, always seen hanging out with her son and daughter and is so energetic and full of life. And wow, does she live and breathe that effortless Parisian chic or what? She personifies the i-just-dropped-out-of-bed-looking-fabulous.

Carine Roitfeld 00

She’s literally synonymous with French Vogue, think French Vogue and Parisian Chic, think Carine Roitfeld.

So I definitely share the shock of the fashion world to hear that she’s resigned from French Vogue (after 10 years) to concentrate on personal projects. All hope is not lost though, i know the fashion world hasn’t heard the last of Carine. And of course the speculation is on about  her replacement, as if it’s not already been decided, i think it just might be her right hand chic and loyal fashion director, Emmanuelle Alt.

I had always wanted to do a blog post on Carine Roitfeld as my Style icon, so i guess here goes. Check out the stunning style of the outgoing French Vogue editor.


with her daughter Julia and Karl Lagerfeld


Carine-Giorgio Armani

with Giorgio Armani

Carine Roitfeld_10
Carine Roitfeld_11Carine Roitfeld_12Carine Roitfeld_13Carine Roitfeld_13Carine Roitfeld_14Carine Roitfeld_14

French Vogue will miss Carine sorely but we, we’ll be on the look out for her because we know she’ll be around.

Pictures via Zimbio, JakandJil

Pre Fall 2011: The elegance of Monique Lhuillier

17 Dec

Monique Lhuillier has my heart on a string for Pre fall 2011. The collection ticks all the right boxes of chic, flatters the feminine form, those cinched waists, generous draping, jewel tones, high waisted pants, and perfectly versatile range of the collection. Love Love Love

Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_1Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_2Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_3Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_4Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_5Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_6Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_7Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_8Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_9Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_10Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_11Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_12Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_13Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_14Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_15Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_16Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_17Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_18Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_19Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_20Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_21Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_22Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_23Monique Lhuillier_pre fall 2011_24Pictures via

Around the world in a state of fashion forwardness: Louis Vuitton

15 Dec

You can’t expect anything less than exquisiteness where Louis Vuitton is concerned. This editorial is decadently chic, the pictures should be blown up to life size posters, framed in glass and put up in a gallery.

The photos were inspired by Louis Vuitton’s 2.011 city guides, illustrated by Ruben Toledo. The fashion spread was in In Fashion magazine. Love Love Love.

Louis Vuitton_Around the world editorial_3Louis Vuitton_Around the world editorial_1Louis Vuitton_Around the world editorial_2Louis Vuitton_Around the world editorial_4Louis Vuitton_Around the world editorial_5Louis Vuitton_Around the world editorial_6

Pictures via Beautiful Life

Sleek 70s Chic Olivia Palermo

14 Dec

Olivia Palermo has definitely got style. She totally nails this 70s look to the wall.

Olivia Palermo_Mango fashion show

Olivia Palermo


Picture via WWW

It’s all in the street style detail: A Bracelet fest

13 Dec

Since I ran into Swagger 360, I’ve been captivated by the detailed street photography I’ve seen on the blog.

Interestingly, it’s a blog focused on gentlemen’s fashion but that doesn’t in any way lessen the appeal for me; you simply have to love the detailed hand-knotted bow-tie shots and the generous tips on how to be and dress like a gentleman, lol. It’s quite exciting to see men show such creativity in the way they dress. It’s a blog definitely worth checking out.

Asides from the men, he does quite a few posts featuring detailed shots of women’s accessories and I love love love these close up shots of bracelet clad hands. Stacked bracelets are my favourite for signature accessories and these fashionistas wear them too well.  The stunning photography does justice to the exquisite taste of the ladies and the accessories.

Swagger 360_bracelet detail_1Swagger 360_bracelet detail_2Swagger 360_bracelet detail_3Swagger 360_bracelet detail_4Swagger 360_bracelet detail_5Swagger 360_bracelet detail_6Swagger 360_bracelet detail_7Swagger 360_bracelet detail_8

You should check out the blog at Swagger 360 for a hearty detail feast and of course tips on how to be a gentleman (:

After all of this, I couldn’t resist creating a bracelets wish list, and my definite go-to spot for drool worthy bracelets is Net-a-porter and Asos. So, if money were no object, I shall be getting myself one or two of each. They’re just so pretty when stacked and the edgier the more attractive.

Burberry Prorsum_Leather and brass studded bracelet_£225

Burberry Prorsum Leather and brass studded bracelet £225

Stella McCartney_Chunky brass ID bracelet_£155

Stella McCartney Chunky brass ID bracelet £155

Marc by Marc Jacobs_Fluoro chain-link bracelet_£85

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fluoro chain-link bracelet £85

Aurelie Bidermann_Do Brazil 18-karat gold-plated bracelet_£240

Aurelie Bidermann Do Brazil 18-karat gold-plated bracelet £240

Oscar de la Renta_Silver-plated enamel and crystal cuff_£525

Oscar de la Renta Silver-plated enamel and crystal cuff £525

Burberry Studded leather wrap bracelet_£150

Burberry Studded leather wrap bracelet £150

Maison Martin Margiela_Silver-plated buckle bracelet_£275

Maison Martin Margiela Silver-plated buckle bracelet £275

Kara by Kara Ross_Braided snake-chain bracelet_£150

Kara by Kara Ross Braided snake-chain bracelet £150

J Dauphin Leather And Brass Fearless Bracelet_£175

J Dauphin Leather And Brass Fearless Bracelet £175

Gemma Lister Black Rope And Faux Pearl Cuff_£80

Gemma Lister Black Rope And Faux Pearl Cuff £80

Juicy Couture Wide Multi Chain And Feather Bracelet_£100

Juicy Couture Wide Multi Chain And Feather Bracelet £100

Sabrina Dehoff Cord And Gold Tube Bracelet_£118

Sabrina Dehoff Cord And Gold Tube Bracelet £118

The doll faced Elle Fanning

12 Dec

Don’t you just love it when the siblings pop too? Loving this editorial with Dakota Fanning’s little sister, Elle. She’s a movie star in her own right and has starred in several movies, she was in ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button.’

The 12 year old is apparently a fashionista in her own right and she’s got this fresh, fun aura that makes me long for the teenage years again. And by the way, the Valentino dress from SS 2011 – in second pic – looks gorgeous on her.

The beautiful photography was by Steven Pan. You can see the full interview here

Pictures via WhoWhatWear



Dress up Friday: The Trend

11 Dec

There’s been a mini buzz about the new work wear trend sweeping through offices in New York. It’s called ‘Dress up Friday’ and according to Net-a-porter, it’s about wearing a double duty dress, that takes you from office to after work soiree. All you need do is swap the kitten heels for killer heels at night, plus statement accessories and you’re ready to party. That’s one good take to the trend.

A different take will be to combat the dreary dress down Friday, featuring bland jeans and the random Tee, and make it stylish dress up Friday. Stay in touch with your fashionable self and do something fun with the jeans. Ditch the flats for heeled sandals and round up with ‘tamed’ statement accessories, the look still needs to be appropriate for work, and you’re ready to TGIF.

Dress up Friday

Playing dress up Friday

11 Dec

So I found this beautiful black lace number.

Alexon Black Lace Scallop Dress_£70

Alexon Black Lace Scallop Dress £70

Absolutely stunning, ladylike chic, just how I love it. And I got thinking about  how I’d wear it to say, an evening event.

The Lace LBD

Editorial Retro: The famous ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by US Vogue

11 Dec

I take a major fancy to editorials because they’re one of the best outlets for creative expression in fashion. And if you’re looking to find the creative director who has turned out some of the most amazing editorials, look no further than Grace Coddington of US Vogue.

Seven years after this editorial, we’re still loving it. Asides from the fact that I love Alice in Wonderland the classic, the editorial brings the story to life in style and takes inspiration from ten major designers. Alice (Natalia Vodianova) wore dresses from their collections and then they stepped it up by involving each designer in the shoot. Monsieur Lagerfeld himself was right there in wonderland, and it was hilarious to see Viktor and Rolf posing as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

That’s the amazing magic that happens when you put two legends in a room, Grace Coddington and Annie Liebovitz work some magic.



with Olivier Theyskens (Rochas)


with Tom Ford


Marc Jacob


Karl Lagerfeld


Jean Paul Gaultier


Viktor & Rolf


Christian Lacroix


Donatella Versace


John Galliano


Nicolas Ghesquiere

Photos via

Style item: The 50’s inspired full skirt

9 Dec

Must be the dizzying effect of the raging 50’s trend but I’ve had the full skirt on my mind for a while. I’ve been on a subconscious search for the perfect one and then I found a stash. Once again Zara presents a range of options for an item I’ve been pining for. Up goes Zara in my ‘favourite shopping spot’ rating.

Quite clearly, there are so many ways to style a full skirt, you could dial up the glam by pairing with a sequinned or silk blouse, high heels – preferably shoe boots – and the right touch of accessories.

Keep it simple and stylish by pairing with a tee or jumper, tights and brogues. The options are limitless, as suggested by the stylists at Zara online.

Zara Pleated Skirt with Plaited Belt_£25.99

Zara Pleated Skirt with Plaited Belt £25.99

This black one is just perfect because it offers maximum versatility and I love the band at the waist.

Zara Panel Skirt_£25.99

Zara Panel Skirt £25.99

Zara Panel Skirt with Buckle_£25.99

Zara Panel Skirt with Buckle £25.99

And the one that’s really gorgeous, in brocade.

Zara Brocade Skirt with Bow_£25.99

Zara Brocade Skirt with Bow £25.99

Zara Chambray Skirt with Pockets_£29.99

Zara Chambray Skirt with Pockets £29.99

You can find all online at