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My best of Nicholas Kirkwood’s Spring 2011 Shoe Collection

1 Dec

The beauty of Nicholas Kirkwood is in the avant-garde structure of his shoes. He’s one of those shoe designers who simply redefined classic shoe shapes and created futuristic, edgy cuts and styles.

Spring 2011 is even more edgy, artistic structure with lots of colour, patterns and lush textures. He still features the iconic pumps with pearl detail – in vibrant hues – and those sleek brogues. I love what he’s done with classic pumps, he’s added some form of interest, so it’s either two-tone or featuring a lace panel or the genius pearl detail.

So, I picked out my favourites of the collection. The first ruffle detail sandal is my best.

Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_1Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_2Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_3Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_5Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_4Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_6Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_7Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_8Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_9Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_10Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_11Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_12Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_13Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_15Nicholas Kirkwood_Spring 2011_14

Pictures via Style.com

Style Item: The High Heeled Brogues

14 Nov

Brogues have been back as a favourite style staple for ages and I’ve literally despised them all through. Simply because I wasn’t going to wear the flat ‘androgynous’ things. But then, I couldn’t deny that they looked very stylish. You could wear brogues with a number of outfits and they’d all look super stylish. Jeans, tee and brogues, check; floral dress, blazer and brogues, check; jumpsuit, cropped jacket and brogues, check.

Now shoes that versatile deserve to be in the fashion closet. So I’m ‘very late in the day’ jumping on the brogues bandwagon but heeeey, I still won’t do the flats. For the heel lovers like me, there are tons of options.

Office has got this style in 8 different colours.

Heeled Brogues_office 2

Office £68

Heeled Brogues_office

Office £68

Then there are several heel lengths and colours and shapes, even wedges if you please.

Heeled Brogues_Dune

Dune £80

Heeled Brogues_Dune

Dune £48

Heeled Brogues_River island

River island

Heeled Brogues_Soyoushoes

Soyoushoes.co.uk £22

Wedge Brogues

Wedge Brogues