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How Individual is your Style? Random Musings

11 Aug

I get bored easily if you ask me, and sometimes my wardrobe is the recipient of a wave of boredom. I just get tired of looking a certain way or dressing a certain way, so i want to change things up. No better panacea for boredom for me, lol.

The wardrobe and fashion choice is definitely a way to find expression, especially now with fashion evolving ever so quickly.

Now, there’s been a buzz about colour clashing in recent times, especially with the colour fest from the Spring/Summer Season. The real question to ask is, how many people can really pull this off and look good doing it? But hey, i digress from my main point.

Editorial in September issue of UK Vogue

We say style is about individuality but who really expresses their individuality through the way they dress? As in reeeally? I was  just saying my wardrobe gets hit when I’m bored but on the daily, I think I sometimes suppress my fashion sense in the name of reason. Sometimes, I feel like getting really editorial, read: picture above, lol, but then I just stop short cos I’m like, people’ll think I’m crazy. But should I really care? Shouldn’t I just look the way I want to look? So long as it’s not wrong? or a clear faux pas? or uncouth? Even though, dare I say the jury is out on what’s a faux pas these days. The rules change every day and what was a faux pas last month is haute couture today.

That’s why individuality has got to be king.

Well then, I really like to look at street style pictures, it can be so much fun. So i took to some of my fav street style sites – Elle, The Sartorialist and and came up with some interesting style from across the world and i mean that literally, Tokyo, Paris, Vancouver, New York, LA, Singapore, all represented.

Now, it’s no strange news that people world over are NOT afraid to express themselves through their style. It’s really beautiful, really. The crux is that they carry it so well and end up looking ‘uniquely fashionable’ if you ask me. See if you agree with me.

Don’t forget though, the argument here is for Individuality in your style! Trend slaves are bad, we get to throw rocks at ’em, lol

So, what’s the verdict? You have to admit, they pulled off  their individual style so well. Even when it was quirky or unusual, they had the complementary carriage.

So there, the vote goes to the fearless fashion savvy lady who will not be intimidated by the opinions of humanity.


Photo credits: Elle, The Sartorialist, Guerreisms

What a way to wear the pearls

5 Aug

If you live in Lagos, then you know how one thing becomes a trend and every where you go, there’s someone wearing a version of it. After a while you kinda get tired and start looking out for something new. I guess it’s because here, we don’t have the regular seasonal fashion and beauty trends as there is globally, so some trends can stay for months and months.

I  recently started feeling that way about layered pearl necklaces. Literally EVERY girl in Lag has got one. In varying numbers of layers, thickness and lengths etc, there’s someone wearing a layered pearl necklace every where you turn.

As worn by Rihanna, this is the general look you see every where in Lag

Now pearls are a classic as far as jewelry is concerned, from the days of Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn, they represent a certain type of style, that tres chic, timeless look.

They will always be around in one form of the other! So imagine my excitement when I came upon this selection on Fashionologie.  I love fashion creative directors for this reason, they always push the boundaries and invent something new out of the old; just when you think you’ve seen it all.

A bunch of them just made me very happy, they gave the classic pearls a proper facelift and right there in the line up is one of my all time favourites Lanvin.

My fav of the collection today has got to be the Kate Spade though, Simply stunning.

Janna Conner Knotted White Pear Necklace $190

Janna Conner Knotted White Pear Necklace $190

Lanvin Large Pearl Light Bulb Necklace $1650

Kate Spade Street Statement Necklace $448

Kate Spade Street Statement Necklace $448

Fallon Oversized Heart Necklace $315

Fallon Oversized Heart Necklace $315

Nicole Romano Spear and Pearl Necklace $488

Bijoux Heart Laque Gold-Plated Swarovksi Crystal Necklace $1400

Fallon Pearl & Chain Necklace $250

Oscar de la Renta Mesh Chain Pearl Necklace $595

So, we might not be shelling out the big bucks to grab one of these, but it is inspiration to do the pearls differently if you please.

Images via Fashionologie

My very first ‘what i wore’: Wedding special

2 Aug

After another blogging hiatus *sigh sigh*I’ve got fresh inspiration from a beautiful weekend. I never thought i’d be doing one of these ‘what i wore’ posts though, lol. But hey, why not???

So, my sister’s wedding was over the weekend and it was the most beautiful and fun ceremony ever. I’m so so nostalgic about it, wishing there could be a re-run!

She looked oh so stunning in a beautiful tiered gown and cathedral length, faux-pearl embellished veil, every inch the excited bride. I almost bawled as she glided down the aisle with that big smile on her face *dreamy sigh*

I was so busy running all over the place doing my Chief Hostess job that I almost missed out on the fun. Thank God I was able to be part of the insanely fun ‘singles’ dance that burst into the spontaneous candy dance moves, out of nowhere! LOL. I had no clue how to do the routine so I pretty much stumbled along, trying to copy people, was so much fun! laughed and laughed.

I wore this lush royal purple Karen Millen dress, it was a stretch satin shift dress with folded bow neckline and peplum at the waist. I loved loved loved loved it. It was not just sleek chic but very comfortable, I hardly felt like I was wearing a thing. Perfect for a hot summer day too. We have to thank God for that beautiful weather, made the picture session at the beautiful garden work perfectly.

karen millen dressKaren Millen dress

I wore with these two tone, patent peep toe shoes from Aldo. Had to ditch for jeweled flat sandals in the end, the 5.5 inch heels weren’t practical for literally running around! Some shoes ain’t made for walking, lol!


Topped with a burnt orange and gold, jeweled ‘DC’ fascinator by the lovely Yosola and pearl drop earrings, i was summer wedding ready, lol.

Sadly, i was too busy running around to take a proper full picture, so y’all are going to have to use your imagination!