Another Year Rolls By…featuring Rachel Zoe

23 Dec

No better way to end the year than by taking a look at one of my best designers of the year: Rachel Zoe. This lady is fast taking Victoria Beckham’s place in my heart. I love the way she stays true to her style, love love love that 70s influence, and the tailoring is heart stopping. Very sleek chic, very up my alley.

Her Pre Fall 2012 collection is stunning bar the almost-up-to-the-navel slits. I’ll always have furrowed brows about the excessive show of skin in fashion but what we do is pick the good out of the scandalous. Just like I said at the beginning of the year, I’ll say again, fashion is to cover up nudity not expose it. Well, we’ll keep blazing the trail in looking super fashionably modest, scouts honour, so help us God ;-)

Have a Very Merry Christmas and an AH-MAZING 2012!

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_1

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_2

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_3

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_4

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_5

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_6

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_7

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_8

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_9

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_10

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_11

Rachel Zoe pre fall 2012_12


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