Style Item: The High Heeled Brogues

14 Nov

Brogues have been back as a favourite style staple for ages and I’ve literally despised them all through. Simply because I wasn’t going to wear the flat ‘androgynous’ things. But then, I couldn’t deny that they looked very stylish. You could wear brogues with a number of outfits and they’d all look super stylish. Jeans, tee and brogues, check; floral dress, blazer and brogues, check; jumpsuit, cropped jacket and brogues, check.

Now shoes that versatile deserve to be in the fashion closet. So I’m ‘very late in the day’ jumping on the brogues bandwagon but heeeey, I still won’t do the flats. For the heel lovers like me, there are tons of options.

Office has got this style in 8 different colours.

Heeled Brogues_office 2

Office £68

Heeled Brogues_office

Office £68

Then there are several heel lengths and colours and shapes, even wedges if you please.

Heeled Brogues_Dune

Dune £80

Heeled Brogues_Dune

Dune £48

Heeled Brogues_River island

River island

Heeled Brogues_Soyoushoes £22

Wedge Brogues

Wedge Brogues

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