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Style item: The 50’s inspired full skirt

9 Dec

Must be the dizzying effect of the raging 50’s trend but I’ve had the full skirt on my mind for a while. I’ve been on a subconscious search for the perfect one and then I found a stash. Once again Zara presents a range of options for an item I’ve been pining for. Up goes Zara in my ‘favourite shopping spot’ rating.

Quite clearly, there are so many ways to style a full skirt, you could dial up the glam by pairing with a sequinned or silk blouse, high heels – preferably shoe boots – and the right touch of accessories.

Keep it simple and stylish by pairing with a tee or jumper, tights and brogues. The options are limitless, as suggested by the stylists at Zara online.

Zara Pleated Skirt with Plaited Belt_£25.99

Zara Pleated Skirt with Plaited Belt £25.99

This black one is just perfect because it offers maximum versatility and I love the band at the waist.

Zara Panel Skirt_£25.99

Zara Panel Skirt £25.99

Zara Panel Skirt with Buckle_£25.99

Zara Panel Skirt with Buckle £25.99

And the one that’s really gorgeous, in brocade.

Zara Brocade Skirt with Bow_£25.99

Zara Brocade Skirt with Bow £25.99

Zara Chambray Skirt with Pockets_£29.99

Zara Chambray Skirt with Pockets £29.99

You can find all online at Zara.com