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For the love of all things draped

7 Dec

There’s an allure about draping that I find sleek and stylish. Nothing like that elegant, flowing, Grecian feel, and knowing that it takes great tailoring plus attention to detail to achieve the perfectly draped piece. It says ladylike luxe at its best.

I have my favourite designers for those classic, fluid, draping styles that cascade down the  feminine form in such glorious luxeness.

I love love love Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood, the asymmetric, draping aesthetic is simply exquisite – with just the right portion of edginess. I have big plans to collect Anglomania dresses.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania_Bounty double-breasted twill jacket_£395

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

Vionnet and RM by Roland Mouret also make the most decadently exquisite draped pieces; with dresses perfectly flattering the feminine form.

RM by Roland Mouret Drache draped silk-blend dress  £1200

RM by Roland Mouret Drache draped silk-blend dress £1,200

Vionnet Ruched crepe and silk dress_£1255

Vionnet Ruched crepe and silk dress £1,255

Michael Kors_Crepe-jersey draped dress_£850

Michael Kors Crepe-jersey draped dress £850

Matthew Williamson_Asymmetric draped silk-satin gown_£1095

Matthew Williamson Asymmetric draped silk-satin gown £1,095

Fendi_Draped wool sweater dress_£820

Fendi Draped wool sweater dress £820

Vionnet Draped crepe de Chine dress  £1,305

Vionnet Draped crepe de Chine dress£1,305

Thakoon Addition_Draped silk-satin top_£385

Thakoon Addition Draped silk-satin top £385

Lanvin Draped washed-satin halterneck dress_£1320

Lanvin Draped washed-satin halterneck dress £1,320

Bottega Veneta_Draped silk-jersey dress_£1680

Bottega Veneta Draped silk-jersey dress £1,680

Karen Millen is as exquisite as it gets on the high street. The tailoring is flawless and draping done to perfection, it could easily pass for high-end designer gear. I especially love the coat, I mean, how do you get it right with a fabric that thick?

Karen Millen Jersey Draped Structured Dress_£180

Karen Millen Jersey Draped Structured Dress £180

Karen Millen Unstructured Drape Coat with Check Lining_£265

Karen Millen Unstructured Drape Coat with Check Lining £265


Karen Millen Draped sleeve jersey dress £150

Karen Millen Drape Front Vest_£39.50

Karen Millen Drape Front Vest £39.50

Karen Millen Minimalist draped dress_ £99

Karen Millen Minimalist draped dress £99

We can’t deny the sartorial perfection of Alexander McQueen, so it’s no surprise that the label gives us some generous draping; from both diffusion line McQ and the main line.

Alexander McQueen_Cape-back crepe dress_£1,245

Alexander McQueen Cape-back crepe dress £1,245

McQ by Alexander McQueen Sleeveless Flannel Check Drape Dress_£230

McQ by Alexander McQueen Sleeveless Flannel Check Drape Dress £230

My go to online store, Asos does not ever disappoint when it comes to the lower priced versions of our secret obsessions. They also give us some great draped pieces.

ASOS WHITE Asymmetric Strap Drape Front Dress_£85

ASOS White Asymmetric Strap Drape Front Dress £85

ASOS Drape Front Top_£18

ASOS Drape Front Top £18

Ringspun Bleach Effect Drape Tunic Dress_£38

Ringspun Bleach Effect Drape Tunic Dress £38

Zara studio t-shirt_£19.99

Zara studio T-shirt £19.99

Zara drape neck t-shirt_£19.99_2

Zara drape neck T-shirt £19.99





Karen Millen

Paris Fashion Week: my love-hate relationship with Vivienne Westwood

2 Oct

I’ve had a longstanding love-hate relationship with Vivienne Westwood. No hard feelings for this legendary fashion icon, i mean, she’s been making fashion long before i could say ‘skirt.’ Thing is, i find her on the far edge of quirky, very close to extreme eccentricity (duh?!). But i absolutely love Anglomania, her diffusion line; beautiful pieces, quirky silhouettes but just the right amount of quirky. I have a polyvore set for the A/W 10 collection. The red label is great as well, lovely collection at London fashion week.

But you see, it’s this showing at PFW that makes me wonder what’s up? I’m an advocate of wearable fashion but you’d find me rooting for fashion-as-art just as passionately. The issue i have here is where to place Dame Westwood’s collection? Well, maybe some kind of eccentric art a la Damien Hirst? Hmmm….

She did have a beautiful ball gown to close the show though. That, i like.

Pictures via style.com