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Oprah Winfrey in Victoria Beckham + a VB retrospective

28 Oct

I’m a confirmed lover of Victoria Beckham’s line, she won my heart since the A/W 10 collection. Now it’s no news that the line made headlines again (pardon the pun) a few days ago. Talkshow queen, Oprah Winfrey wore one of the dresses from Fall 2010 to receive an award in California.

Must be exciting times for Mrs Beckham, her dream of dressing curvy ladies is becoming reality, and who better to make this happen than Oprah. She looked amazing in the dress, even better than the model wearing it on the catwalk. These dresses sure flatter the curvy.

Oprah Winfrey in Victoria Beckham

So i decided to do a retrospective of the lovely ladies who have worn Victoria Beckham dresses in the recent past. She definitely has got herself a sizeable following, from actresses to models. The structured, flattering fit and polished look of the dresses make them perfect for all super glam seekers. I especially loved Danii Minogue’s recent appearance in VB on the X-factor.

Danii Minogue in Victoria Beckham

Cameron Diaz in Victoria Beckham

Elle-Macpherson-in Victoria Beckham

Kim Kardashian in Victoria BeckhamIman in Victoria BeckhamPortia de Rossi in Victoria Beckham

Leighton_Meester in Victoria Beckham

But nobody wears the styles better than the designer herself; she rocks her dresses to absolute perfection. I’ll almost say she doesn’t need to spend millions on Ad campaigns, she’s doing a brilliant job advertising the line and getting tons of free publicity for it.

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham wearing dress from her collection

Victoria Beckham wearing dress from her collection

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

Pictures via Showbiz and Instyle

Michelle Obama tops Forbes 100 most powerful women list

8 Oct
Michelle Obama has been named the world’s most powerful woman by Forbes.
Michelle Obama_Most powerful woman in the world
Quoting them, Mrs Obama is ‘Jackie Kennedy with a law degree from Harvard and street sense from Chicago’s South Side.’ She’s a fashion icon, a forceful advocate of school nutrition standards and military families’ affairs and is more involved in policy affairs than Laura Bush.’


Forbes top 100 most powerful women_2010

clockwise: Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Indra Nooyi, Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey came in third place, Hilary Clinton came in fifth, Lady Gaga came in seventh place! I guess that would be for wearing that meat dress to the MTV awards? I am so shocked.
Beyonce was at 9th position, Angelina Jolie was at 21st – ok, she’s also a UN ambassador, Madonna was 29th most powerful woman, Heidi Klum was 39th, more powerful than the Queen of England who was at 41st position.
SJP was no. 45 and Vogue’s Anna Wintour was 56. Even Gisele Bundchen was rated the 72nd most powerful woman in the world.
You can see the full list on the forbes site. I just find it interesting that models, actresses, fashion designers and musicians are on the list of most powerful women in the world. Says a lot about the far-reaching influence of this fashion and lifestyle industry. Technology and the internet has made it even more possible, I mean, Lady Gaga has almost 7 million followers on twitter.
Some interesting things to think about, how am I influencing my world?