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Lush Rich Nail Polish Tones by Illamasqua

21 Nov

Nail polish in rich, lush, saturated jewel tones are beautiful and that’s what i love to wear regardless of season or time of year. I’ve found these colours from different brands but Illamasqua does several shades and they are a dream.

I especially love the Viridian, it’s an unusual luxe shade of turquoise, gorgeousness personified.

You can grab each one for £13 at Beauty Bay or Illasmasqua.


Illamasqua Viridian


Illamasqua Baptiste

Illamasqua Baptiste



Illamasqua Spartan


Illamasqua Untold


Illamasqua Phallic

Justin Bieber Nail Polish?

11 Oct

Yeah, you read that right. Justin Bieber the singer is launching a nail polish line called ‘One less lonely girl.’ I find it really hilarious that the teenage pop star is launching a nail polish line? I always thought celebs made products that were a reflection of them in some way? I would have understood perfume perhaps but nail polish? Talk about stretching a brand to ridiculous proportions.

Well, benefit of doubt, let’s say he cares about the grooming of his many girlie fans (read devotees); given that his almost 6 million followers on twitter must be 90% female.

I like the colours in the range though, so who knows? I just might be interested in purchasing some Justin Bieber nail polish.

Justin Bieber nail polishCheck out the story on E online