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Emmanuelle Alt named Editor of French Vogue

8 Jan

Just like I suspected, Emmanuelle Alt has been announced successor of the legendary Carine Roitfeld, outgoing editor of Vogue Paris. The very obvious reason was to ensure continuity since she worked alongside Carine through her 10 year reign as editor. She was the logical choice if you ask me.


The president of Condé Nast France,  Xavier Romatet, had this to say, “Vogue Paris is performing strongly and I wish to entrust the editor-in-chief position to someone who will ensure a certain continuity, while bringing a new energy and dimension.”

We certainly agree Xavier, there’s a special place in our hearts for our rock chic style icon, Emmanuelle Alt.

Hearty hearty congratulations to Emmanuelle, we wish her a fun career as editor in chief!

To see the full story, check out the Vogue site


Picture, story via Vogue