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Dsquared’s ‘out-of-the-box’ skeleton heeled shoes

29 Oct

My phrase of the moment is ‘pushing the envelope’ and these guys at Dsquared are living, breathing and intensely personifying it. I mean, I’ve seen them do the strangest, most out of this world things. The most outrageous display in Spring 2011 fashion month came from them with the transmogrification of a white shirt into a massive wedding dress.

Now, these very interesting shoes from their exceedingly creative stable deserves a blog post. From the Fall/Winter 2010 collection and currently retailing on their site, it’s the vertiginous skeletal skyscraper extraordinaire. Now this is one amazing design feat and i have to hand it to these guys, they take fashion beyond design to pure art.

Don’t ask me if i’ll be wearing these shoes. What matters is i am in great admiration of them.

Dsquared2 shoes

Dsquared2 shoes Dsquared2 shoes

Dsquared2 shoes