How Individual is your Style? Random Musings

11 Aug

I get bored easily if you ask me, and sometimes my wardrobe is the recipient of a wave of boredom. I just get tired of looking a certain way or dressing a certain way, so i want to change things up. No better panacea for boredom for me, lol.

The wardrobe and fashion choice is definitely a way to find expression, especially now with fashion evolving ever so quickly.

Now, there’s been a buzz about colour clashing in recent times, especially with the colour fest from the Spring/Summer Season. The real question to ask is, how many people can really pull this off and look good doing it? But hey, i digress from my main point.

Editorial in September issue of UK Vogue

We say style is about individuality but who really expresses their individuality through the way they dress? As in reeeally? I was  just saying my wardrobe gets hit when I’m bored but on the daily, I think I sometimes suppress my fashion sense in the name of reason. Sometimes, I feel like getting really editorial, read: picture above, lol, but then I just stop short cos I’m like, people’ll think I’m crazy. But should I really care? Shouldn’t I just look the way I want to look? So long as it’s not wrong? or a clear faux pas? or uncouth? Even though, dare I say the jury is out on what’s a faux pas these days. The rules change every day and what was a faux pas last month is haute couture today.

That’s why individuality has got to be king.

Well then, I really like to look at street style pictures, it can be so much fun. So i took to some of my fav street style sites – Elle, The Sartorialist and and came up with some interesting style from across the world and i mean that literally, Tokyo, Paris, Vancouver, New York, LA, Singapore, all represented.

Now, it’s no strange news that people world over are NOT afraid to express themselves through their style. It’s really beautiful, really. The crux is that they carry it so well and end up looking ‘uniquely fashionable’ if you ask me. See if you agree with me.

Don’t forget though, the argument here is for Individuality in your style! Trend slaves are bad, we get to throw rocks at ’em, lol

So, what’s the verdict? You have to admit, they pulled off  their individual style so well. Even when it was quirky or unusual, they had the complementary carriage.

So there, the vote goes to the fearless fashion savvy lady who will not be intimidated by the opinions of humanity.


Photo credits: Elle, The Sartorialist, Guerreisms

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