Five interesting LBD stories

29 Nov

I found this article on and thought it was really interesting. The versatility of the LBD is quite legendary but I haven’t seen the story told in such an engaging way. Reading through each story, for a moment, I almost thought the LBD was a person!

I ended up seeing it beyond an LBD story but about the wearability of one fashion item, and the power of accessorizing, dressing up and dressing down. It does make perfect sense to get as much wear as possible from an item especially when you’ve spent a lot on it.

They were all great stories in their unique way but this was one of my best.

“Mandy Sutcliffe, 37, is an illustrator from East Finchley, North London, and the creator of Belle & Boo designs. Her LBD was a present from her partner 12 years ago.

My partner Russ has always been good at buying presents and Christmas 1998 was no exception. Urban Outfitters had just opened in the UK and, knowing how much I loved the US shop, he spent £120 on this LBD for me.

It didn’t look like much at first – just a pool of heavy, silky material in a tissue-paper-lined box – but when I tried it on, it fitted brilliantly and I loved it straight away.

Although it’s very simple – sleeveless with a scooped neck – it has asymmetric, toga-like draping that transforms it into a very special dress. It’s taken me from work events to weddings, nightclubs and beaches, and I’ve also lent it to friends of mine who love it nearly as much as I do.

I never have to iron it, and it’s one of those dresses that I can throw on and know looks great. As a result, it was the only smart thing I packed when we went travelling around the world for two years. I’d worn it casually while we were away but it really came into its own one New Year’s Eve. We were living in Auckland and five friends decided to come out from England to visit. That night, after months of not dressing up, I decided to make a real effort. I did my hair, put on some jewellery, bought some heels and wore my dress with a pashmina. I felt incredibly elegant and Russ couldn’t believe his eyes. We had a wonderful night, sipping champagne on a balcony overlooking the sea, watching the fireworks and welcoming in 2006.

Whenever I wear that dress now, I feel like a bit of magic from that amazing evening still clings to it.”

You can read the rest of the article on Daily Mail.

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