Paris Fashion Week: Transmogrification of a shirt at Viktor & Rolf

2 Oct

Viktor & Rolf definitely know how to give a runway show. After seeing their ‘performance’ for Fall 2010, I’ve been waiting to see what they’ll come up with for Spring 2011. And they sure did not disappoint. By the way, right now, i’m wearing my ‘fashion as art’ cap.

The collection told a story about the transmogrification of  a shirt. It started out as a white dress shirt, became a shirt dress, became many other things and ended up as a mammoth wedding dress. I can’t help but from grin from ear to ear about this collection. It’s amazing, taking a basic dress shirt and stretching its concept beyond the imagination. I mean, who would have ever made a connection between a wedding dress and a dress shirt?  I love these guys, the fashion world needs the Viktor & Rolfs, John Gallianos, Gareth Pughs and Hussein Chalayans. They take fashion to a whole different level and give us the goose bumps.

As for wearability…hmmm…that final wedding dress won’t be bad for my costume themed wedding.

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