Paris Fashion Week: my love-hate relationship with Vivienne Westwood

2 Oct

I’ve had a longstanding love-hate relationship with Vivienne Westwood. No hard feelings for this legendary fashion icon, i mean, she’s been making fashion long before i could say ‘skirt.’ Thing is, i find her on the far edge of quirky, very close to extreme eccentricity (duh?!). But i absolutely love Anglomania, her diffusion line; beautiful pieces, quirky silhouettes but just the right amount of quirky. I have a polyvore set for the A/W 10 collection. The red label is great as well, lovely collection at London fashion week.

But you see, it’s this showing at PFW that makes me wonder what’s up? I’m an advocate of wearable fashion but you’d find me rooting for fashion-as-art just as passionately. The issue i have here is where to place Dame Westwood’s collection? Well, maybe some kind of eccentric art a la Damien Hirst? Hmmm….

She did have a beautiful ball gown to close the show though. That, i like.

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One Response to “Paris Fashion Week: my love-hate relationship with Vivienne Westwood”

  1. T October 2, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    Sometimes, I just dont get it! Like the tan dress.

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