And the historic shoe gallery buzz is on

29 Sep

Selfridges has made shoe history with the biggest shoe department in the world. Created by award-winning architect Jamie Fobert, the store has six galleries, 11 boutiques from the world’s most iconic shoe brands and one hanging garden. Tons and tons of brands from All Saints to Ann Demeulemeester, Birkenstock to Balmain, Converse to Chloe and fashion favourites Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Dior, Gucci and the list goes on. At any one time, the store will have 55,000 shoes in stock and 4,000 shoes on display from over 150 brands.

And to make the buzz even ‘buzzier’, Selfridges has introduced the Shoeperhero who ‘spends his days and nights fighting crimes against shoes – fixing cracked pavements, broken heels, and soothing blisters.’ Really cute!

Selfridges Shoe Gallery 'Shoeperhero'

You can find him online at or better still, meet him when you visit this shoe planet.


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