Viva Jason!

17 Sep

Yeah, we all started checking him out since Mrs Obama. The 28 year old designer hasn’t stopped making the headlines and editorials since that signature ball gown. What I love about Jason Wu is his attention to the feminine silhouette, his designs are elegant and almost girly/romantic at the same time. Love his use of colour too, from rich jewel tones to pastels to reds. He is definitely the man. So back to the trending topic,  S/S 2011. Once again, absolutely love his collection. Completely ticks the uber stylish box and fits snugly with what I love about his style. Body flattering fit, smartly tailored pants, romantic blouses, love the use of bows and delicate florals. In real life though, I won’t be wearing those sheer blouses with nothing under. Not down with the public display of your bits

Here are my faves from his collection.

One Response to “Viva Jason!”

  1. Kunbi B September 17, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    I totally love Jason Wu’s collection! I wouldn’t mind some myself! Fab blog! Keep up the good work…

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