It’s fashion week…err…duh!

13 Sep

What better time to hit the famed blogosphere than in the middle of fashion week! New York Fashion Week wrapping up, London Fashion Week raring to go. Tons of great fashion to talk about! Thanks to my up to the minute friends at, i get to see every single piece from every single collection right on my computer. Who cares about Lincoln Centre???

So, who am i talking about first? Well, it’s this woman who i didn’t care much about previously (don’t ask me why) but fell in love with from her A/W 2010 collection. It’s none other than the Posh Spice and famous WAG, Victoria Beckham. Absolutely love the collection, very feminine, great cut, a celebration of the feminine silhouette and quite a reflection of her style. Most importantly, it’s absolutely wearable, I want every single dress in there. And what gets me is that she’s taking it all so seriously, her show was small, intimate and had only fashion editors, retailers and stylists. So this is no whim, Victoria Beckham is a fashion force to reckon with. Some of my favs from the collection…and it was hard to choose!


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